MooTools 1.3

MooTools is unique

There's a lot of talk lately about "large applications" and how they affect how people are writing JavaScript--namely, a focus on modularity, reuse, and testability. I consider all of my code one large application: I want the same benefits across projects that I'd expect in a large application. I accomplish this with MooTools.

MooTools extends the JavaScript language itself, placing powerful functionality in natural places and on new types. This provides you with a framework: an API to write cross-environment code quickly with prescribed conventions for code organization.

This issue takes a deep look at MooTools 1.3 and the joy of a modular framework with a simple, fast, DOM library; the smoothest JavaScript effects library out there; a quick, flexible AJAX library, ECMAScript 5 specs in every environment, and a powerful inheritance system for truly portable code.

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I'm a front-end web developer from Salt Lake City, Utah and have been creating websites since the early 90's. I like making awesome user experiences and leaving behind maintainable code. I'm active in the JavaScript community writing plugins, contributing to popular JavaScript libraries, speaking at conferences & meet-ups, and writing about it on the web. I work as the JavaScript guy at Instructure.