JQuery 1.4's New 'Until' Methods Caught My Eye ... Introducing Element.GetUntil

By Ryan Florence, published 2010-01-15

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So I did what every good mootools developer would … extended MooTools to do the same. The names in jQuery are nextUntil, prevUntil, and parentsUntil. I decided to stick to mootools tradition and make my code more clear: getAllNextUntil, getAllPreviousUntil, and getParentsUntil.

Download it from the forge, fork it on github.

Luckily, this doesn’t ship with every copy of MooTools core, I can’t imagine very many practical uses–but like I said, it caught my eye, here’s a demo.

Here’s the source if you’re interested:


    var walkUntil = function(element, walk, match, nocash){
        var el = element[walk];
        var elements = [];
        while (el){
            if (el.nodeType == 1){
                if (!match || Element.match(el, match)) {
                } else {
            el = el[walk];
        return new Elements(elements, {ddup: false, cash: !nocash});

        getAllPreviousUntil: function(match, nocash){
            return walkUntil(this, 'previousSibling', match, nocash);
        getAllNextUntil: function(match, nocash){
            return walkUntil(this, 'nextSibling', match, nocash);
        getParentsUntil: function(match, nocash){
            return walkUntil(this, 'parentNode', match, nocash);



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