MooTools Fx.Transitions Demo

By Ryan Florence, published 2010-01-28

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Fx.Transitions holds a handful of easing equations to give your animation just the right feel. You use them in two ways: either pass in the actual object reference + the easing or a string that represents it (I use the string method):

new Fx.Morph(el, {
  transition: Fx.Transitions.Bounce.easeInOut

new Fx.Scroll(el, {
  transition: Fx.Transitions.Bounce.easeIn

new Fx.Sort(el, {
  transition: 'bounce:out'

new Fx.Tween(el, {
  transition: 'sine:in:out'

The old demos for mootools 1.11 had a fun little widget that showcased the different javascript animation transitions available in MooTools Fx. I’ve recreated it here. Just click anywhere in the box to see the transition. Enjoy!

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