MooTools ThreeSixty Viewer Featuring the iPad

By Ryan Florence, published 2010-02-01

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I thought Apple’s new 360 degree product viewer was flippin’ awesome. So I created a feature light version in mootools last night. I hope to add more (like throwing) and clean up the api a bit, but still, this is sweet.

As you can see in the source I created two classes. The first MouseWatcher is a sort of drag class that listens to the mouse position (clientX and clienY) after a mousedown event. I hope to extend this class to provide the “throwing” logic. Then in ThreeSixty I just extend MouseWatcher with a drag method, so on every mousemove the image src gets changed out.

Eventually this will make it into the forge, as soon as I get throwing to work, package it with some grabbing cursors and preload the images a bit more gracefully, of course.

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