Question, Why Did You Choose MooTools?

By Ryan Florence, published 2010-01-30

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I’ll start: I was goofing around with prototype + scriptaculous, jquery, and mootools all at the same time. I was getting frustrated by all three since I was bouncing around between them. Finally, I had to make a decision about which framework I would settle into before learning the others. I actually deliberated over how I could make a good decision without really being comfortable or knowledgeable with any of them. Then an idea came to me: see who validates against the w3c markup validator. My theory was that people who cared to write clean html probably cared to write clean javascript.

Who won? MooTools with 0 errors. Scriptaculous had about a gazillion errors and jquery had more than it probably should have. So I chose mootools–and obviously am very happy I did.

Just for fun and I went and did the same thing today:

So why did you choose MooTools?

Please leave a comment about your decision, or … if you didn’t choose it, why not?

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