Simple Git Deployment

By Ryan Florence, published 2010-07-27

Part of the issue Git Your Act and Deployment Together.

If you’re still using FTP to deploy websites, knock it off. Here’s a simple way to use git to deploy web sites and applications.

You have three repositories: remote, local, and web server. Push from local to remote, clone the repository on your web server, and then simply pull updates after you push.

  1. Local Machine: Push your local repository to a remote server. Check out git for beginners if you’re lost already.

     $ git remote add origin
     $ git push origin master
  2. Web Server: Clone the remote repository on your web server. You’ll need ssh access to it.

     $ ssh
     $ cd public_html
     $ git clone
  3. Local Machine: Make changes to your local repository.

     # make changes in your local repo
     $ git commit -a -m 'Added cool stuff'
     $ git push origin master
  4. Web Server: Pull the changes from the remote repository.

     $ ssh
     $ cd public_html/
     $ git pull origin master


I like this method because there is no real “setup,” it’s completely straightforward: clone the origin repository, pull updates from it, done. It’s not wearing fancy pants, it is simply git at its finest. For a method that is wearing fancy pants check out deploying websites with a tiny git hook

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