SlideShow 1.0 Released!

By Ryan Florence, published 2010-06-04

Part of the issue Migrated Articles From Original Site Structure..

Finally! After 4 previous releases I feel that my SlideShow script is ready to have an official stamp of 1.0. This class has been through about every scenario I can think of. I’ve probably used it on half of all my client projects.

It’s not just a gallery plugin, this thing can handle any content that shares the same space (tabs, news feeds, etc.) It’s now super flexible after I’ve actually used it in production and discovered scenarios I hadn’t thought of before. There was one project in particular. The thing was a tutorial with about 30 different “pages”. It was three levels of slideshows, each with different transitions depending upon where you were previously, anyway, it was intense and spawned some great new features in SlideShow.

I like him so much I gave him a micro-site

The SlideShow microsite!. If you click “view source” after browsing around a bit, that file will show you just how simple slideshow is to work with.

Screencast coming

I had been wasting so much time coming up with different “widgets” for clients until I wrote this script. I imagine some of you may be wasting time too. I really want to push this so I’ll be making a screencast in the next few days showing it off some more.

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